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My little photo page. Not only to look at.

You need a photo?

For your website, your invitation, your wall, your travel story, for the homeworks, a lecture or what ever? Maybe I can help you. The shown pictures are not only to look at or to find them great ( ...or not). You could also to use them for your private use, but not commercial projects.*

The last 5 Activities / Photo-Uploads at

6 new Photograph(s) in Verona

7 new Photograph(s) in Soave

11 new Photograph(s) in Havelland

3 new Photograph(s) in Saxonia Swiss

9 new Photograph(s) in Trainstation Potsdam Pirschheide

What else is new?

25.10.2015: Time change, Restructuring of the Filesystem...

..Adapting and Updating the Webpages. This, excluding the time, i did last Week. It's all checked and tested, and, except a little Mistake in the mobile Version - Displacement of the Head- and Foot Areas, when moved out the Menu - everything ok. Should you still find an error, please inform me. Also suggestions for improvements are welcome. But remember, I'm only limited to be able to take criticize :)
And I think, I can do it this winter complete the, even though terrible, Translation into English.
Maybe has one or the other interest to help me with this. I would be happy about that!